Without royalties, NFTs lose 50% or more of their value proposition


  • Since last summer, the nonfungible token market has been flourishing.
  • The $41 billion historical sales volume for NFT has occurred since last August.
  • It is intended that NFTs would offer everyone a fair chance.

Rodrigo Blanco, smiling and appearing unfazed in an Instagram video, stated, “Stay cool, your NFTs are still in your wallet,” to the sound of a lively background rhythm. Blanco, a self-described Christian businessman from Guatemala, was striving to contain the damage after OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace online, destroyed his digital collection of 5,000 versions of a single American house selling for $500 apiece.

Pop culture has begun to incorporate NFTs in several ways. Every nonfungible token is a distinct, one-of-a-kind digital entity, as “nonfungible token” implies. It is simple to verify and transfer NFT ownership.

A nonfungible token, or NFT, is an exclusive digital asset stored on a blockchain, or more said, an ownership receipt for anything digital, such as music, art, or in this instance, a 3D model of a house in Detroit, Michigan, which was published this past April. These virtual homes, known as “Platzees,” are the main feature of Platzeeland, which is widely regarded as the first metaverse in Central America. A metaverse is an immersive virtual environment where individuals may interact digitally.

Investors that invest in these new digital environments are vulnerable to high-profile frauds and collapses because of the complexity and general lack of awareness and regulation. Blanco and his real estate investment company, Portafolio Diversificado, have not been publicly or legally implicated in any crime despite Platzees being delisted by OpenSea. The first metaverse in Guatemala had trouble even before it officially launched.

NFT markets are regularly incorporated into cryptocurrency networks, which incentivize consumers to engage with blockchains. One new cryptocurrency network, Big Eyes Coin, hopes to have its NFT marketplace listed in the top 10.