Yuga Labs announces ‘Punk Post,’ an exclusive CryptoPunks newsletter


  • Two community members, @ricgalbraith and @lorepunkdoteth will be awarded a grant.
  • The newsletter will feature significant events besides promoting networking opportunities for the collection’s fans.
  • The company has plans to publish a lot more grant opportunities in the coming time.

Yuga Labs has announced funding a newsletter dedicated to the CryptoPunks community.

When lorepunkdoteth was approached, a little more information was found about ‘’Punks Post,’’ the newsletter. 

The vision is creating a handy digest in the Punks discord that can be used by the community to maintain a track of projects and bring out creative, useful and exceptional work of the community to the web3 scene.

lorepunkdoteth shared her personal journey on Twitter.

She further stated that while in bed one morning, she realized that she wanted a Punk. She visited the Punks discord where she got Punk #6825 with the help of the crew. Also, she got access to a community of dreamers, builders and artists. Punks are interlaced with web3, cryptoart and NFTs history as well as of a creative ethos that touches on what it is to remain human in this constantly changing landscape.

Ricgalbraith is the other Punk behind the newsletter. 

He was also contacted to know more about him as well as his plans regarding the newsletter.  

In his response, he shared that he felt extremely excited. He further said that he’s been a punk for a year and has been in the web3 and NFT world for two years.  His partnerships with artists are from many years. Being here feels like being at home with apes, punks, meebits and others, as it is his community with his squad and people. Being with amazing artists, projects, degens and communities and being able to bring the community to life.  

No matter a CryptoPunks Grant has been awarded to the community members for the first time, it is definitely not the first from Yuga Labs. Their popularity increased via BAYC prior to purchasing the Meebits and Cryptopunks IP. It was observed that @jenkinsthevalet, one among the first recipients of a grant, made a successful community in their own right.