Animoca Brands invests in EthSign for Token Management Network


  • Animoca brands has become the financial institution for EthSign.
  • EthSign is launching TokenTable, a new initiative.
  • TokenTable incorporates the conditions of legal contracts into the smart contract.

Animoca Brands, the corporation driving virtual ownership rights through NFTs and gaming, has invested in EthSign, the decentralized electronic signature system. The money invested comes on the heels of the initial release of EthSign’s new device, TokenTable, a framework that assists Web3 projects in executing, tracking, and enforcing the agreements used to circulate their tokens.

Animoca Brands’ investment and expansion endeavors strive to advance virtual property ownership for computer games and the expansive virtual world. Animoca Brands comprehends the necessity of EthSign’s TokenTable and observes great potential in the solvent, with a wide collection of over 380 Web3 initiatives.

Signatures, EthSign’s first item, enable customers to sign legally valid contracts with their public keys, resulting in on-chain files of permission to contract agreements. The company’s innovative facilities herald a new period of non-financial, decentralized applications with genuine versatility and have drawn the attention of investors and venture capitalists.

Token circulation in many blockchain solutions is often a standardized work, mistake, and time-consuming method for all involved: the creators’ total absence of a way of managing the allocation of tokens to shareholders, staff, and their societies; financial institutions in pre-token-launch crypto initiatives do not have a manner to receive additional tokens upon release; and staff in Web3 must rely on the owner’s phrase that they will ultimately obtain the tokens they pledged.

TokenTable was created by EthSign. Because token distribution is needed in limit table planning, coin warrant or grant payments, community airdrops, and other processes, the impact of EthSign facilities could be business-related.

TokenTable incorporates the conditions of legal contracts into the smart contract, trying to ensure that the investment conditions of every agreement made on the platform are carried out. 

EthSign is developing a set of non-financial, decentralized applications that will allow enterprises to sign legally binding contracts and thus operate a business on the cryptocurrency.