Animoca Brands Japan invests in psychic V.R. Lab


  • Animico Brands invests JP 100 million in Psychic V.R. Labs.
  • The AMOCA brand extends the value of urban areas with its X.R. technology.
  • Animoca Brands, a pioneer in the Web3 ecosystem, has invested in STYLY, a platform that will enable the creation of the real metaverse.

A strategic subsidiary of Animoca Brands Corporation Limited, Animoca Brands K.K. announced recently that they would contribute JP 100 million to Psychic V.R. Lab’s JP1 billion financing round in December 2022.

A partnership with Psychic V.R. Lab led to an investment in June 2022. In Japan’s X.R. (extended reality) industry, psychic VR is a pioneer. With the mission of “realizing a world where everything gets its own space,” the company runs the X.R. creative platform “STYLY,” which has been used by more than 50,000 artists worldwide and has received 5 million downloads for its viewer app. In the X.R. age, when the real and virtual worlds are merged, it has become a significant infrastructure component.

Animoca Brands Japan co-founder Kyoya Okazawa stated: “Looking ahead, X.R. technology will expand the possibilities of actual space, and the value of all urban areas, such as buildings’ atriums and parks, will improve with the inclusion of virtual counterparts.

Incorporating media and entertainment elements into these areas will be conceivable. They will develop new business prospects by connecting these digital twins to the worldwide Web3 network of over 400 companies. Additionally, they will use material from our IP partners.

The CEO of Psychic V.R. Lab, Masahiro Yamaguchi, said: “Using the investment from Animoca Brands, a pioneer in the Web3 ecosystem, they are planning to expedite the establishment of the “Real Metaverse” with our real metaverse platform STYLY. 

They are sure that as a movement of world creation in the annals of humanity, the development of technology in the X.R. / Web3 sector will significantly alter the makeup of contemporary society and how individuals live their lives.

With the help of partner businesses and portfolio firms like Psychic VR Lab, Animoca Brands Japan advances the purpose of Animoca Brands. Web3 offers individuals the possibility of actual digital ownership, which Animoca Brands Japan views as providing tremendous economic prospects in Japan and worldwide.