Cointelegraph is planning to turn articles into NFTs giving access to first 500 readers


  • Cointelegraph is going to turn crypto articles into digital assets in NFT form.
  • First 500 readers are allowed to participate in the early access.
  • Cointelegraph will roll out the NFTs to the rest of the audience by Mid November.

Cointelegraph is turning articles related to the blockchain industry as digital collectibles into mintable NFTs . They are introducing their historical NFT collection crypto industry’s most memorable moments. 

Cointelegraph will allow crypto media outlets to turn their articles into mintable nonfungible tokens as they seek a decentralized catalogue of news to forever record and embed the evolution of cryptocurrencies onto the blockchain. 

The first 500 readers are allowed to participate in the early access beginning right at the start of November. Soon after, this feature will be rolled out to everyone by mid-November. 

Cointelegraph’s editor-in-chief, Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr, recently stated, “Enabling content platforms to be an active part of the Web3 ecosystem is key to a sustainable creative economy. We at Cointelegraph are proudly bearing the responsibility of keeping high standards of coverage of the decentralized space and preserving journalistic integrity — and it’s about time our articles are treated as collectibles. I believe it will bring more appreciation to the hard and important job reporters do and help support independent journalism.”

In the future, the next generation or the so-called “ZenGs” will definitely need a unique or new way to view the content of sentimental value. Turning crypto-based articles into digital assists into NFTs is one of the many ways to change the way people view and relate to the content