Curious Addys and Zeneca to launch beginner NFT platform HeyMint


  • Curious Addys and Zeneca are set to help creators to create their first collection.
  • The platform will enable Web3 beginners to mint creative assets, impose royalties and sell NFTs in a process.
  • HeyMint is an equitable, accessible and cost-effective tool that will simplify minting and welcome new entrants.

Curious Addys, a Web3 education platform, and Zeneca, an NFT educator, have partnered to launch the beginner NFT platform HeyMint and support creators in creating their first ever collection. 

HeyMint’s Twitter account made the news public and expressed excitement about joining Zeneca. 

While making it clear that coding and technical expertise are not needed, thanks to the toolkit and resources that will make NFT goals a reality, Zeneca also shared the news about the partnership.

HeyMint strives to facilitate the minting process for creators and onboard new people into the Web3 space. The platform has the goal of being an equitable, accessible, and economical creative tool. 

Creators can upload their artistic assets, select their preferred blockchain, make an allow list presale, as well as impose royalties. HeyMint supports Ethereum as well as EVM-compatible chains- Arbitrum, Polygon, and Optimism. 

With the new platform, listing collections is free for creators. Also, they can charge $1 per mint.

CEO of Curious Addys, Mai Akiyoshi, said that creators require tools to step into the Web3 world. They observed that creating smart contracts is quite tricky, and even standards such as ERC-721 or 1155 are really standardized. He added that they have experience educating individuals in their community and are looking forward to bringing in more and more individuals who are not familiar with NFTs.

Curious Addys and Zeneca have collected $5 million from their personal NFT collections. Moreover, they have worked with reputed brands like the World of Women NFT collection and Universal Music Group. 

The initiative places emphasis on making the world a better place by supporting those who wish to achieve their dreams with the help of NFT communities.