Mattel to release Fast and Furious NFTs collection on May 22


  • The new collection will include cars from the all-time hit Fast & Furious movie franchise.
  • The limited edition NFTs are priced at $20 per pack.
  • Each NFT is exclusive in terms of its rarity and originality of the digital collectible.

Mattel, the legendary toy maker, is gearing up to release a fresh edition of its Hot Wheels NFT Garage Series on May 22, inspired by its blockbuster series. 

The Hot Wheels NFT Garage x Fast & Furious collection will be located on Flow and include cars from the movies- Brian O’Conner’s 1969 Camero, Dominic Toretto’s 1970 Dodge Charger, and Suki’s Honda S2000 from 2 Fast 2 Furious. The price for the limited edition NFTs is set at $20 per pack. 

Talking about Mattel’s recent foray into the NFT space, the latest Fast & Furious drop is going to be the way to go. Reportedly, Mattel debuted in the NFT market in November 2022 to transform toys into digital collectibles.

Similar to the recently launched Boss Beauties x Barbie collection, this project will also offer the opportunity to acquire a physical die-cast version of Suki’s car. However, holders must collect the complete set, which will bridge the gap between the real and digital realms.

Celebrating the unofficial Star Wars holiday on May 4, Mattel partnered with OnChain Studios to launch Cryptoys, a collection of Star Wars-based digital collectibles. The NFTs were also powered by Flow and were available for $39.99.

Other than the Fast & Furious NFT collection, Flow is known for hosting several other leading NFT collections, such as NFL All Day, Dapper Labs’ UFC Strike NFT platform, and NBA Top Shot.

Mattel announced the release of its Hot Wheels NFT collection, Series 4, last December. The collection featured new car makers combined with vintage car models as well as a whole new type of rarity.