Decentraland Games To Introduce Scavenger Hunt


  • Decentraland has partnered with Gitex Dubai to sponsor a scavenger hunt.
  • The users will have to explore Decentraland for clues to claim a special edition wearable.
  • The event is last from October 10 to October 14.

The X-Verse Scavenger Hunt party is all set to kick off. Users can look forward to exploring Decentraland and getting their hands over all the Scavenger Hunt NFTs allowing users to revamp their avatar by claiming the wearable special edition.

Every V-Verse Scavenger Hunt NFT comes with a unique colour and number to suit the corresponding station and the kick-off party planned at the Stronghold venue sharp at 12 pm EST

Decentraland announced its partnership with Gitex Global to create an X-Verse Scavenger Hunt where users will get to explore the Decentralands’s metaverse and find Scavenger Hunt NFTs.

Starting from today, i.e., Oct 10th to Oct 14th, as high as five X-VERSE stations are spread across the Decentraland. Each X-Verse Station comes with Scavenger HunG NFT for users to claim. Once the user gets their hands over all five of them, they will be rewarded with a special X-VERSE hoodie NFT. 

Once the user claims their limited edition and super cool hoodie, it’s time to give the user avatar a new look. Wear it and proudly flaunt it around the Decentraland. 

user must wonder where the user can land such interesting NFTs. Well, the stations are located in close proximity to the following areas: 

  • Stronghold Lounge with coordinates 99, 127
  • Decentraland Convention Center with 98,17
  • Tominoya Lounge with coordinates 199, 133
  • Decentraland Art Plaza with coordinates 63, 61
  • Crypto Valley Art Gallery with coordinates 58, 22
  • Crypto Vallery Art Gallery (the station where user can claim wearables) with coordinates 54, 23

The hunt will begin with a huge kick-off party thrown by the Decentraland and Decentraland Games. The event will be graced by none other than the renowned Metaverse performer, DJ TRAX. 

The hunt will be live from Oct 10th at 4 pm to Oct 14th at 4 pm UTC.