Experts Give a Green light to Meta’s Move to support NFTs on Instagram


  • Despite significant skepticism about NFTs and the cryptocurrency sector, Meta plans to boost its investment in technology.
  • More than 100 countries in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa would get access to the digital collectibles to feature that Instagram is now testing.
  • To first promote the functionality, Mark Zuckerberg is turning his Little League baseball card into a non-fungible token to sell.

Facebook-owned social media behemoth Meta has made progress toward constructing the metaverse. The business only just disclosed the rollout of NFT support for Instagram. The biggest social media firm in the world plans to invest more heavily in the technology despite significant mainstream skepticism regarding NFTs and the cryptocurrency market.

Meta would bring the Instagram-piloted digital collectibles feature to more than 100 nations in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. According to Taaran Chanana, MD and Co-Founder of MemeChat, the innovations will provide creators more exposure on Instagram because they will be able to connect their digital wallets and share their digital collectibles across social media. 

Mark Zuckerberg is turning his Little League baseball card into a non-fungible token to sell to advertise the feature originally.

Along with Coinbase and dapper, Instagram also intends to work with other independent digital wallets, like as MetaMask, Trust wallet, and others. There are no fees associated with posting a user’s collection.

After this, Meta intends to use SparkAR, to introduce AR NFTs and virtual reality on Instagram. The firm representative stated, “Meta knows that blockchain technology and NFTs raise significant challenges about sustainability. 

Additionally, the business stated that it would buy renewable energy to lessen the impact of showing NFT on Instagram. Users must connect their digital wallets with the platform to upload their NFT collection and digital art to Instagram. 

The news follows Meta’s poor Q2 2022 quarterly profitability report and loss posted by the business’s metaverse division. Along with criticizing corporate metaverse projects, the co-founder of Ethereum stated on July 30 that “anything Facebook builds now will misfire.”