Following scam, an NFT collector prosecutes OpenSea


  • Robbie Acers, an NFT collector, alleged that OpenSea locked his account after the scam.
  • He has been requesting OpenSea for three months.
  • He has lost $500,000 due to OpenSea actions.

An NFT token collector is suing the OpenSea NFT marketplace for a number of reasons, including that he was stopped from accessing his account for a further three months after evolving a victim of fraud. 

OpenSea users informed Cointelegraph that they immediately reported the theft of their NFTs through a phishing scam to the NFT marketplace, according to Robbie Acres. The NFT collector, however, asserts that he faced several challenges. 

Acres stated, “They delayed more than 48 hours to reply, by which time the stolen goods had already been sold since the buyer placed a higher priority on speed than value.”

According to the NFT investors, the market should take accountability for any losses incurred at the time. As per Acres, OpenSea’s activities have resulted in losses of $500,00. 

According to him, the active investors in the Web 3 community’s “OpenSea” activities caused him considerable financial loss, whether by design or ineptitude. In order to bring legal action against OpenSea, Acres also added a legal advisor. 

According to Acres’ legal counsel, Enrico Schaefer, this incident is not unique. Some others are coping with the same problem, the lawyer revealed.

Additionally, the attorney stated that OpenSea should focus on its clients rather than being distracted by revenue, gross profit, and funding growth.

On August 11, 2022, the NFT marketplace reworked its robbed goods policy to include and expand the use of police reports. On Twitter, many users responded by claiming that OpenSea was helpless to intervene when their NFT was taken.