Immutable Introduces ‘Passport’ Wallet Platform Featuring Google and Apple Sign-In Options


  • Immutable, a leader in Web3 gaming, has unveiled the Immutable Passport, a novel wallet infrastructure announced on December 19.
  • The Immutable Passport allows users to create and recover wallets using Google, Apple accounts or email addresses, simplifying the process.
  • The Passport features a user-friendly dashboard for discovering new games, managing funds, linking wallets, and organizing in-game items.

The renowned Web3 game publisher, Immutable has recently unveiled its latest innovation, the ‘Immutable Passport.’ This new wallet infrastructure, announced on December 19, is a groundbreaking development in Web3 gaming. Unlike traditional wallet setups, Immutable Passport allows users to create and recover their wallets using familiar methods: Google or Apple accounts or simply through their email address.

At its launch, Immutable Passport is already integrated into five popular games and apps, which include Gods Unchained, Blocklete Golf, B/R Watch 2 Earn, TokenTrove, and AtomicHub. These applications boast a combined user base exceeding 500,000, highlighting the substantial impact of this new technology.

Moreover, Immutable Passport aims to streamline the user experience by adding a user-friendly dashboard. This feature, activated upon login, offers players a convenient way to discover new games, manage funds, link third-party wallets, and organize in-game items. This unified platform promises to enhance the gaming experience by making it more accessible and organized.

Additionally, Immutable’s commitment to user convenience and security is evident in its choice of technology. When users opt to sign up using an email address, Immutable employs the Magic software development kit. This system generates a unique private key upon the first login. The key is then encrypted and securely stored in an Amazon Web Services Hardware Security Module (HSM). This process ensures that neither Immutable nor Magic can access the key, providing an extra layer of security for users. Immutable’s approach to wallet security with Passport is noncustodial, meaning users don’t need to trust the company with their funds.

This initiative by Immutable is part of a broader effort to make Web3 gaming more accessible and convenient. Earlier in December, the team integrated Transak as a new payment option for its games. Furthermore, plans are in place to introduce a gas-free transaction option for its zkEVM platform in 2024, marking another significant stride in enhancing the gaming experience for users. 

Immutable’s latest development, the Immutable Passport, represents a significant leap forward in making Web3 gaming more user-friendly and secure. With its innovative approach to wallet creation and recovery, coupled with a streamlined dashboard for game management, Immutable is poised to revolutionize the gaming industry.