Sandbox renews collaboration with MoCDA for Alpha Season 3


  • Sandbox and MoCDA collaborate once again for Alpha Season 3.
  • The exhibition will start from October 11 till October 31.
  • The Edicurial Collection and The TokenAngels Collections will make a feature.

Sandbox and the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art (MoCDA) have resumed collaboration on the occasion of Alpha season three. MoCDA is a museum platform supporting digital art, exhibiting select artworks from mid-20th-century pioneers and modern-day contemporary artists.

Sandbox tweeted about this exciting new development announcing that the NFT institute will feature two exclusive exhibitions until the end of Aplha season three. The two exhibitions include the @elsie_edicurial Collection going live on October 11 to October 20, and @TokenAngels Collection from October 21 to October 31.

According to the blog published on Sandbox’s official medium account, The Edicurial Collection was founded by NFT fanatic and traditional arts patron Elsie. The collection curates a selection of NFTs that showcase an un-prejudiced approach to what digital art has to offer from NFTs to conventional computer art, AI and more. 

Moreover, the collection has already become popular and established its place in the Crypto and Digital Art Patronage. It further anticipates to grow crypto art on blockchain as an artistic genre and create a digital art revolution.

 Meanwhile, the TokenAngels Collection comes from oen of the world’s biggest NFT collectors with a history on blockchain dating back to 2019. The collection sheds light on artists and projects who were one of the first to introduce crypto art from 2016 to 2019 evolving with time. 

The TokenAngels Collection features the lengths of RarePepe and CryptoPunk collectibles along with works by Matt Kane, XCOPY, Mattia Cuttini, OficinasTK, Max Osiris, Sarah Zucker and Federico Solmi, among others legends.