Animoca’s Mocaverse and KuCoin Join Forces to Simplify Cross-Platform Digital Identity


  • Animoca Brands, KuCoin, and Halo Wallet team up to streamline Web3 navigation.
  • They aim to solve fragmentation in Web3 by linking digital identities across platforms.
  • This partnership will boost innovation and user experience in the digital space.

Animoca Brands, the visionary behind the Mocaverse project, alongside cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin and Web3 wallet Halo Wallet, has embarked on a strategic collaboration to enhance user experience across various sectors of the digital domain. Announced on February 15, this partnership seeks to merge Mocaverse’s unique Moca ID, KuCoin’s robust user accounts, and Halo’s Genesis membership pass into a cohesive system. This initiative promises to streamline the Web3 journey for users, spanning crypto trading, decentralized finance (DeFi), gaming, and SocialFi.

A KuCoin representative shared insights with Cointelegraph, highlighting the challenges users face when navigating the fragmented landscapes of Web3. These ecosystems, including crypto trading, digital collectibles, and the metaverse, have traditionally operated in silos. Users engaged in one platform often find it difficult to leverage their activities for benefits in another, creating a gap in the user experience. This partnership aims to bridge these gaps by creating a unified identity for users across KuCoin, Mocaverse, and Halo Wallet, simplifying access to various benefits.

Yat Siu, co-founder of Animoca Brands, emphasized the significance of this integration. By leveraging a common identity layer across different platforms, the partnership not only enhances user experience but also fosters greater collaboration and innovation among the participating entities. This unified approach is expected to broaden the ecosystem, creating value and promoting growth across various segments, from SocialFi and DeFi to GameFi and beyond.

The decentralized nature of Moca ID, owned and governed by the community, stands at the core of this initiative. Siu predicts that this community-driven model will fuel innovation and expansion within these networks, enriching the Web3 space with diverse offerings and opportunities. KuCoin envisions this collaboration as a benchmark for the industry, demonstrating the potential for cross-platform synergies to enhance value for users across different Web3 ecosystems.

This move comes after Animoca Brands’ announcement in September 2023 of a $20 million fundraising effort to fast-track the development of the Mocaverse, aiming to establish it as a central digital identity and loyalty system for decentralized organizations. With the rebranding of KuCoin Wallet to Halo Wallet in April 2023, the focus has expanded to encompass a wider SocialFi ecosystem, with plans to transition governance rights to the community, underscoring the move towards a more decentralized and user-centric Web3 world.