Balmain joins MintNFT to launch industry-first NFT membership program


  • MintNFT along with Balmain will launch ‘The Balmain Thread’ to increase fan engagement.
  • The unique NFT membership program will be powered by the XRP Ledger.
  • MintNFT and Balmain collaborated in May, 2022.

Balmain is taking its collaboration with MintNFT forward for the release of an NFT-inspired membership program that will coincide with the very popular Paris Fashion Week.         

The membership has been named “The Balmain Thread” and will overlook the emerging series of NFT offerings. The membership will also provide access to future Balmain moments, along with house collections, digital experiences, exclusive events and surprise drops. 

To be in harmony with the environment, memberships will mint on XRP Ledger blockchain, which is known for being carbon-friendly. 

During the forthcoming third volume of the Balmain Festival, the very first series of Balmain Thread members will be invited. The Festival will launch today; whereas, The Balmain Thread will be released later in 2022. 10,000 fans and customers will be a part of the program. 

The Moment, a mobile photo experience is new to the Balmain Festival and has been made by MintNFT. Festival goers will be enabled to convert and mint their preferred Balmain Festival fashion moment into their personal exclusive digital collectible. MintNFT developed The Moment to raise physical and digital engagements during events. 

Olivier Rousteing, Balmain Creative Director, said that he never aspired to be cool. His aim has always been to make sure that the designs of the house never fade with time and remain connected together through a united thread. Anytime the thread breaks, it signals failure. 

James Sun, CEO and Co-founder of MintNFT, said:

We believe Web3 will drive a new wave in engagement, enabling companies to unlock access and provide richer experiences for their communities like never before.

He further said that Balmain is the leader in advancement in technology and fashion as well; hence, is the best partner to offer the upcoming evolution of blockchain and non-fungible tokens.