Eminem & Snoop Dogg will feature BAYC NFTs to VMAs In ‘Otherside’ metaverse performance


  • Eminem & Snoop Dogg will perform at the award show with their hit song “From the D to the LBC.”
  • It’s going to be a never-before-seen kind of performance night.
  • The performance by the duo will be a game-changer for rap and Web3.

In June, Eminem and Snoop Dogg featured as Bored Apes in a new music video, which featured 2D animations of their BAYC NFTs.

According to the latest update, they are all set to bring their BAYC NFTs to MTV Video Music Awards to perform from Otherside, Yuga Labs’ future metaverse game. 

Performing their song, “From the D to the LBC,” they will take the entertainment to heights. 

Otherside is under development, and its release date is not confirmed yet. 

The company has shared that the game is in Phase1, which means only the owners of Otherdeed land NFTs and a few selected developers are able to access the aspects of the MMORPG-based title.

How NFTs are making their way into mainstream culture is what the VMA performance shows. NFTs have turned into status symbols for the rich and popular people, with BAYC being the favorite of everyone be it restaurants or M&Ms.

A day before, Today NFT News reported M&M’s released NFT-based melt-in-mouth candies.

As per the promoters, the Otherside performance will be an experience of a lifetime. The song has been a massive success with about 46 million views, besides a VMA nomination in the ‘Best Hip-Hop’ song category. It has become a favorite of rappers as well as for the growing trend of Bored Ape-based music videos. The song has received 25 million streams on Spotify.

Eminem is making the best use of BAYC NFT he purchased in December and has been using it as his profile picture on Twitter since then. 

The performance is Eminem’s first return to the Video Music Awards in 12 years, whereas it’s the first time when Snoop Dogg will perform at the awards show. A few days back, we reported that the MTV Video Music Award 2022 has added the ‘Best Metaverse Performance’ award category.