LakeShowTJ got scammed for his mutant on Sudoswap; Marks yet another setback


  • LakeShowTJ claimed that Leoxxx eth conned him out of his mutant on SudoSwap.
  • Leoxxx eth followed him and sent him a direct message asking if he would be interested in trading his mutant for some additional eth.
  • It’s not the first time he’s been approached in this way, and people who are plainly con artists are usually extremely easy to recognize.

He was followed by Leoxxx eth, who DM’d him to see if he would be interested in exchanging his mutant if he added some extra eth. It’s not the first time he’s been approached in this manner, and it’s typically very simple to spot those who are obviously con artists.

One red flag was his proposal to utilize Sudoswap instead of nfttrader, but he had heard excellent things about it and was still eager to learn how to use it. He conducted some investigation, and it appeared to be fine. He loaded the swap code and received no links.

His crucial error was not clicking on either the embedded etherscan link or the embedded opensea link for the phoney MAYC that was issued the previous day.

Leoxxx eth actually produced numerous—by which he meant numerous—of these bogus mutants, so he was certain that he was currently trying to con others.

He doesn’t anticipate receiving his mutant back. Everyone is aware of the dangers of this game and how it functions. The fact that he effectively “sold” his mutant for 0.5 weth makes him feel pretty bad, but at least the information was confirmed on Sudoswap, so there’s something.

The only goal of his posting was to raise awareness of the situation and work to stop it from happening again. Please use caution when engaging in OTC NFT trading, and make sure to monitor etherscan/opensea to confirm users are receiving the actual collection. In the image, everything seems fine. The collection’s name matches. NFT # is correct. 

The WETH was verified, and every field appeared to be consistent with the mutant that was mentioned next to it. Despite the fact that he will heal in due time, this is undoubtedly a major setback.