Otherside introduces Legends of the Mara to unlock new adventure


  • Legends of the Mara provides an immersive gaming experience and enables voyagers to claim a Vessel NFT, engage with Mara, Koda and Kodamara collections.
  • Otherdeeds with a Koda will be allowed to decouple before the game launches.
  • The claim period for Vessels will start soon and enable Otherdeed owners to take part in the game that’s set to begin in May.

Otherside has disclosed Legends of the Mara, a unique gaming adventure for holders of Otherdeed, via Twitter. Powered by ApeCoin, the 2D standalone game offers fresh non-fungible token collections as well as an extraordinary gaming experience crafted for holders of Otherdeed.

LOTM is an interesting and interactive game that’s created around the Otherside Koda collection along with the new Mara collection. Detailed information about Kodas that includes their origin and primal relationship with Otherside will be unveiled. 

Voyagers or players can claim a vessel NFT for every Otherdeed they own. The Vessel houses a Shade, a crucial component to defending the Otherside. They are allocated one of the three functions at random and decide what kind of Mara will appear. 

Also, Otherside’s key keepers are Kodas, and they have a natural capability to farm, enchant, and hunt at exceptionally higher power levels as compared to Mara or Kodamara. They can be allocated to an Otherdeed to carry out any of these functions. As far as the role assignment information is concerned, it will be disclosed in future activations.

The Legends of the Mara’s launch of new NFT collections as well as its immersive gaming experience are important in terms of the broader NFT and crypto ecosystems. Upon establishing an interesting and interactive platform, LOTM represents the ability of both blockchain and NFTs to revolutionize the gaming industry.