GameStop NFT daily fee revenue falls under $4K, indicates lack of interest among users


  • In the last 24 hours, GameStop NFT has earned only $166,800.
  • BAYC and MAYC’s all-time floor prices have also reduced by 55% and 72% respectively.
  • CryptoPunks is also going through a drop in floor price.

The everyday revenue of GameStop’s NFT marketplace has decreased under $4,000. This means a lack of interest since its launch in mid-July.

In the last 24 hours, GameStop NFT has earned a revenue of about $166,800 in sales volume. As the platform has a fee of only 2.25% on sales of NFTs, the figure comes to merely $3,753 in terms of revenue. 

The real figures came down to about $2000 because the trading volume pumped to 91.23%. Talking about the most recent figures, they show a considerable decrease compared to July 13, the first full day of the project’s business. The sales volume of NFT is $1.98 million which is equal to $44,500 in fees. 

As of now, the HyperViciouZ project has made 29.78 ETH, which is the largest 24-hour sales volume. Compared to it, Pudgy Penguins has been the best-selling project of OpenSea with 860.8 ETH. 

Besides GameStop, the BAYC floor price has also decreased by 19% and is currently at 68.48 ETH. The floor price of MAYC has plunged by 28.6% and is 11.2 ETH.

According to NFT analysts, last week, blue chip NFTs worth $55 million were at risk of liquidation on BendDAO, a platform that provides ETH loans to users when they deposit their NFTs. 

At least 20 loans were against BAYC till last week. This week, two BAYC NFTs have been liquidated and are up for auction. Coming to loans against MAYC, 14 are in extreme risk of liquidation while 13 have been liquidated and put on auction. 

Other top projects like CryptoPunks have also faced a tough time in terms of floor price value. On August 1, the floor value was 68.3 ETh which jumped to 77.4 ETH on August 4, but once again it has reduced to 66.45 ETH.