Web3 Chess Game Developer Discontinues Play-to-Earn Feature Amidst Rampant Cheating


  • Immortal Game, a popular blockchain chess game, has announced the closure of its play-to-earn and NFT features.
  • The decision was driven by widespread cheating, undermining the game’s integrity and player experience.
  • This move has significantly impacted the play-to-earn gaming community and NFT market.

Developers of the popular blockchain chess game Immortal Game have announced a significant decision that is sending shockwaves through the world of play-to-earn (P2E) gaming and nonfungible tokens (NFTs). In a surprising move, the creators have decided to shut down the P2E and NFT features of the Game due to a growing problem of rampant cheating.

This move, announced on December 13, has left the gaming community in awe as Immortal Game was initially hailed as a pioneering platform aiming to provide players with a legitimate opportunity to earn income through chess. However, their noble intentions have backfired, leading to an influx of unfair practices and cheating within the Game.

The root of the problem is the large sums of cash rewards offered with no entry barriers, which inadvertently encouraged players to exploit the system. In their announcement, immortal Game’s developers noted that this situation degraded the experience for genuine players who sought a fair and secure environment to enjoy online chess.

Starting immediately, the marketplace for Immortal Game NFTs will be discontinued, and players will no longer be able to use the native P2E Checkmate token (CMT) within the Game. While NFTs will continue on the blockchain, users will no longer receive CMT rewards for participating in tournaments or daily challenges. Instead, fiat currency rewards may be introduced as an alternative.

In a further adjustment, users will no longer see their ETH and CMT balances displayed on the platform, although these tokens will remain in their wallets. Those using custodial wallets must connect a personal wallet to facilitate asset transfers.

Before its discontinuation, Immortal Game NFTs had amassed a lifetime trading volume of $885,600, while the CMT token boasted a fully diluted market capitalization of $360,075. These NFTs were minted on the Immutable blockchain, adding to the gaming landscape.

This decision by Immortal Game’s developers marks a turning point in the P2E and NFT gaming industry, as it highlights the challenges and pitfalls associated with offering substantial financial incentives to players. It remains to be seen whether other projects in the space will follow suit or find innovative solutions to combat cheating while maintaining the allure of play-to-earn gaming.